What is the TESC Savanna Run Series?
The TESC Savanna Run Series is a new annual series of trail run races held in the savanna of Suriname.

A trail run is a run that takes place on unpaved roads and paths. Trail runs are also known as runs in nature.

In 2023 the TESC Savanna Run Series will consist of four races, each over a distance of 10 kilometers. 

Why are the races in the savanna?
Endurance athletes run long distances and are always looking for a challenge. The savanna provides both, with a vast amount of run trails that are physically and mentally more demanding than paved roads.

Who can participate?
Any runner, aspiring runner, powerwalker or sportminded person of 12 years or older can participate. It doesn't matter whether you're a beginner, amateur or elite athlete, as long as you're willing to complete a 10k run or walk.

Keep in mind that the time limit is 120 minutes. This means that you will have to finish the race within 120 minutes to receive an official finisher time.

What are the prices for the races?
For each race the top 3 men and women will receive prize money (100, 50 and 30 USD). There are no category prizes.

There will also be an overall points ranking. The top 20 men and women of each race will receive points. At the end of the series the man and woman with the most points will be crowned the overall champion of the TESC Savanna Run Series 2023. 

Finally, each participant will receive a finisher medal for completing the race.

What can I expect from the running course?
The course used for the races will be mostly savanna trails, but also bauxite and forest paths. This means that you can expect loose sands, uneven and rocky terrain, wet and muddy conditions and finally also shallow creeks.

The course is carefully plotted and will be clearly marked so the participants can run freely without getting lost.

Do I need special shoes and clothing?
No, you can participate with your normal running shoes and clothes. 

If you have trailrunning shoes, these are recommended, but not necessary.

If you prefer long sleeve shirts and pants, you can wear these, but these are also not necessary.

How safe are these races?
The safety of our participants is of utmost importance for TESC. We will take all the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of everyone during the race.

Ofcourse like every race, especially one in nature, there will always be a risk of an accident or something similar. There will be officials, volunteers and physiotherapists at the race to prevent this and to take care of anyone that requires help. 

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